Rabbit Drop Boxes.

Olde English Pest Control, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

In the next few weeks i will be installing the rabbit drop boxes over various estates. These boxes – when used properly – will have problem rabbits under control very swiftly & cleanly. Used in conjunction with rabbit proof fencing they are dug in & left for a few weeks until rabbits get used to running through them. Then when i can see that rabbits are passing through at night with confidence… i activate them, switching the trip plate to ” Live ” . By doing this 1 night a month i can clear big rabbit infestations with ease. Ive included some photos of rabbit drop boxes i installed along side a motorway. The rabbits were coming in off the motorway banks & decimating my clients property. But ive eradicated them all now. Boxes remain there ready to employ again if rabbit numbers should become a problem again.

Call me & see how i can solve your rabbit problems swiftly & humanely.