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Harry from Craftworks College is doing his work experience

Harry from Craftworks College

Harry is a student from Craftworks College who is doing his pest control work experience with me. He is passionate about pest control and has been thoroughly enjoying his learning. He participated in the fallow deer management I’m doing in Crowhurst, East Sussex. Harry learned that Deer belong to the family called Ungulates and that their footprints are called ‘slots.’ He was fascinated by the fallow buck rutting stand, which is the photo of the circle of mud. The male rubs and scrapes at the ground at this time of year during mating season. When the day was done we had a little quiz about what he had learned including the life cycle of cluster flies and controlling the number of Canada geese. We then stopped for some well deserved grub – a burger, Harry was pleased as you can see!

Harry from Craftworks College

Harry from Craftworks College


What if all the wasps disappeared?

What if all the wasps disappeared?

Wasps… they’re pretty annoying. But what would happen if all the wasps in the world just disappeared? Well, before you start celebrating, let’s have a little look at some of the lesser-known wonders of wasps. If there are no wasps, it’s not just the insect that would be lost, but a complex society with some surprising similarities to our own. All wasps have a role to fulfil – be it as a queen, or the wasp equivalent of a caretaker, a guard, or even a nanny.

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Long Nets by Olde English Pest Control, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Its impossible to do serious rabbit control without the use of longnets. Longnets of different size lengths. The meshes will be 2 1/8 inch & hang on the Diamond. The photos are of my 2 walled trammel longnet. A useful bit of kit for serious rabbit control.

Rabbit Drop Boxes.

Olde English Pest Control, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

In the next few weeks i will be installing the rabbit drop boxes over various estates. These boxes – when used properly – will have problem rabbits under control very swiftly & cleanly. Used in conjunction with rabbit proof fencing they are dug in & left for a few weeks until rabbits get used to running through them. Then when i can see that rabbits are passing through at night with confidence… i activate them, switching the trip plate to ” Live ” . By doing this 1 night a month i can clear big rabbit infestations with ease. Ive included some photos of rabbit drop boxes i installed along side a motorway. The rabbits were coming in off the motorway banks & decimating my clients property. But ive eradicated them all now. Boxes remain there ready to employ again if rabbit numbers should become a problem again.

Call me & see how i can solve your rabbit problems swiftly & humanely.

Wild Duck English Game For sale.

Olde English Pest Control- english Duck game birds and game meat for sale in Ashford, Kent, Sussex, Essex

Wild duck differs from the farmed duck that is sold in the supermarket. The difference is that wild duck are not fatty and have much a stronger flavoring. Wild duck is often roasted.

The best known wild duck are mallard and are found in village ponds and at lake sides. Other wild duck include Wigeon and Teal.

For some good recipes for cooking wild duck see https://honest-food.net/roast-wild-duck-recipe/

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Partridge English Game Meat For Sale

Olde English Pest Control- english Partridge game birds and game meat for sale in Ashford, Kent, Sussex, Essex

Partridges are medium-sized non-migratory game birds. A partridge is intermediate between the larger pheasants and the smaller quail bird. They are sometimes grouped in the Perdicinae subfamily of the Phasianidae.

Partridges can be found nesting on the ground on agricultural land.

The grey and the red-legged partridge are popular game birds. They are mentioned in the first verse of the Christmas carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

When cooked partridges have a moist texture and mild flavour. These make a good introduction to English Game Meat for those people trying it for the first time.

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